Fly Fishing Set: Rubber Mesh Net, Magnetic Release

Product Features

  • Will not Spook or Harm Fish: Created using obvious rubber mesh, our tangle-free internet virtually disappears within the water. Will not scare fish or damage their delicate natural slime. Ideal for catch-&-release! #keepemwet
  • No Rot, Mold, or Mildew: From the strong hardwood frame to the soft, sturdy mesh, this internet resists put on & decay. Classic teardrop design measures 25" hoop is 10.75" x 16.75" x 8" deep.
  • Release Keeps Internet Handy: With this sturdy carabiner (incorporated), it is simple to clip our magnetic release for your vest or pack. This way, you'll keep the internet near by yet easily from your way.
  • Forget About Lost Nets: Fish at risk? Just tug the magnetic release. This releases your internet, so that you can securely scoop inside your catch. Don't worry: Your net's still guaranteed towards the 9"-96" retracting coil.
  • Free Substitute: Because of its tough construction, your Flyfishing Set can come through for you personally again and again. But when it breaks within 12 months of delivery, we'll happily change it at no cost.
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Product Description

Fly Fishing Set because of its obvious rubber mesh, our wood-frame internet rubber mesh is actually invisible within the water. It’s gentle on fish, will not tangle with hooks , and is available in a couple-piece set with this handy magnetic release.

Fly Fishing Set regardless of whether you intend to release or eat your catch, you need to ensure that it stays undamaged. This is exactly why you’ll love our 2-Piece Fly-fishing Set. This practical bundle combines our premium internet with this magnetic internet release

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