Liberty Oil, Best 100% Synthetic Oil Lubricating All Moving Parts of Your Fishing Reels. 1oz Bottle with 1.5inch Needle

Product Features

  • 100% Synthetic oil which will reduce friction between any moving surface.
  • Make use of this to exchange oil based or spray lubricants.
  • Dependable on plastics and colored surfaces.
  • Has a 2 month no questions requested refund policy. If you're not 100% pleased with you buy the car I'll refund your hard earned money.
  • Has a medical grade 1 1/2 inch lengthy stainless needle tip applicator for precision oiling without any mess.
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Old Price: $6.99
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Product Description

Liberty Oil, Best 100% Synthetic Oil Lubricating All Moving Parts. Comes inside a 1-fluid-oz bottle with a stainless-steel needle tip dispenser. Since it is superior quality 100% synthetic oil it easily outperforms other oils available on the market. This oil contains two friction modifiers that bond and safeguard the metal and behave like small ball bearings to lessen friction and put on. The bottles are new using LOPE, that is a very soft plastic that’s simple to squeeze. Additionally, you will get a 1.5 inch 18-

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